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  • How to Clean Air Ventilation Ducts

    By cooldude | April 30, 2014

    Clean Air Ventilation DuctsIf you want proper ventilation in your home, it is a must that you clean your indoor air ducts on a regular basis. Not only clogged ducts will hamper effective ventilation, but also will harbor different harmful bacteria, virus and other germs. If pores become way to clogged it will circulate dirty air within your home, thus, make everything else dirty. Now that you understand the problems of having dirty and clogged air ducts, let us focus on the ways of cleaning it effectively.

    Steps of cleaning your indoor air ducts:

    1. First thing first, start with locating the ducts in your home. The placement of ducts can vary from home to home. Either it can be located right at the top of the wall or at the base of it. Once you have located the ducts, make sure the area is cleared before you start with the cleaning process or you will get dirt all over you home décor items.

    2. Once the area has been prepared let’s move into preparing the cleaning concoction. You can use a small sized bucket for this purpose. Fill the bucket with hot water and mix some detergent in it. Now take a spray bottle and fill it with vinegar. You will also need a mold removal spray for those tricky areas. Besides that you will also require a vacuum cleaner, lots of rags and a torch.

    3. Open the cover of the air ducts as you proceed cleaning. You might need to screw them off at times, if they don’t slide easily.

    4. Next stand on a ladder or something else which gives you a hiked height and can bear your weight.

    5. First clean the dust using a vacuum cleaner on the suck mode. Don’t turn the blow mode on to prevent everything from getting dusty.

    6. Next use the rags to wipe the inside surfaces using the water and detergent mix.

    7. Use the moss removal spray to get rid of any moss growth.

    8. Finally finish the cleaning and put on the cover back.

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    The floating bed

    By cooldude | February 6, 2014

    floating bedThe floating bed is an absolutely new concept of a hanging bed. It is made in such a way so that the gentle rocking provides a feeling of floating, better sleep and other health benefits. Generally the mattress is made of Memory Foam, a special material which is made for only this type of bed. A floating bed has the following features:

    • It has the ability to hold 1000 lbs.
    • It is durable and weather proof.
    • The firmness of the bed is adjustable.
    • It has a flat surface to offer great comfort for the person who intends to sleep on it.

    As a relaxation device this is the ideal bed that you will ever get. Whether you have family get together or a gathering of friends or even a party a floating bed will always catch the attention of everyone. Unlike the old fashioned bed where the mattresses are sometimes hard and you do not get the right feeling when you sleep a floating bed does not have any such drawback.

    The Carabiner (the top ring of the bed) can be suspended to anything and once the attachment is done the bed is ready to use. One other thing that you would require is a single structural point that would lie above the ground. This can be anything such as a beam, a tree limb, overhang, gazebo or a stand. The tripod that comes with the floating bed has a pyramid like stand with 4 pods which makes it possible to hang the bed both outside and inside the house. If you have an attic in your house then it would be the best place to fit this bed and for those who pay a bit extra the companies also provide an Add A Beam option. This makes the bed stronger than usual.

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    Dress up your holiday table

    By cooldude | December 26, 2013

    holiday tableWhen we need to dress up for vacations we take that little individual effort to look good. Likewise with the holiday season on thinking of ways to decorate the holiday table takes a lot of our time. Here are a few ways in which you can dress up your holiday table.

    Let us start with something which is going to stay on that table from the very beginning of the holiday season to the end. Crystal clear bowls filled with candies, crab apples, fresh fruits or nuts is a major turn on. People like the look of it as it makes the table look more interesting and full. Another thing is to make the props look more attractive. This can happen by the creative use of things which are available at home. Plastic or carbon boxes which are not used can be placed on your flat table top and covered with other cloths either in the same colour as the table cloth is or contrasting silk drapes. This makes the table look attractive. Serving plates can be kept on top of these covered boxes (make sure the plastic or cardboard boxes are strong enough to take the weight).

    Placing a quilt rack on the wall above or beside the table is a great way for decoration of the table too. This allows you to change the decorations often. Little bowls filled with shiny sequins and leaves with a white candle placed in the middle can e arranged in a scattered way around the entire table too. A silver beaded garland adorning the edges of the table adds grandeur and beauty to the holiday table.

    A centrepiece for the table can also be created. Two or three Thick white waxy candles of differing heights can be put into a tray with holly leaves, sequins, bells and other things

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    Natural Ways to Keep Your Home Atmosphere Healthy

    By cooldude | November 22, 2013

    Home Atmosphere HealthyIf you are not a nomad or a vagabond, you need your own apartment to stay in. You must spend night by sharing the bed with your cute fiancée. Therefore, it is an important task for you to clean home as much as you can

    Tips to Clean House Using Natural Methods

    However, try to detoxify the indoor ambience in a natural way. For instance, use brooms to clean the floors of rooms. If your home is tiny, you should maintain it by removing garbage from your house. Build air vents or skylights in the walls of the house to create the air passage for hygienic atmosphere inside the house. You should not smoke in the room. It is not healthy for your child. You can spray rose water to wipe out odor from the room. You can plant flower vases in the bedroom to perfume the air.

    You can use eco-friendly green home cleansing products to clean the interior atmosphere. Green home cleaning accessories are not insidious to people. Your children will not be infected by inhaling the air. Don’t use any pesticide to clean bed room. You will have to warn your family members before applying the insecticide chemical solution in the house. Use vinegar or baking soda to remove the hardened dirt from the wall. If you have no time to do DIY home cleaning, you can call professional home care service providers. The competent scavengers and attendants will clean your house. They don’t use any lethal toxic gas for home cleaning. Within couple of hours, your home will be habitable and much environment-friendly. When you contact any eco-friendly home cleaners, search the internet. You will find the best utility service providers. They ensure the proper home cleansing using green products. To stay at home peacefully, you will have to prioritize the organic home cleaning process.

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    Wise and Affordable Ceiling Improvement

    By cooldude | November 8, 2013

    Ceiling ImprovementHome Improvement involves a wide array of tasks that needs to be done. It includes improvements and repairs in your garden, bedroom, bathroom, furniture, outdoors, walls, adding decorating items and much more. But not many people think about renovating their ceilings and ignore it considering it to be a costly affair. But the most basic things that needs to be taken care of in such improvements is the up gradation of the floors, walls and ceilings before you bring in any other items to decorate your house.

    Ceiling insulation is a good option which can be done if you have an attic or some roof space. You can also appoint a professional to fix the ceiling insulation. They are experienced people and are well versed with different kinds of roofs that can be available like plain roofs, how to handle ceiling light that might cause fire accident. So when the ceilings are not quite easy for you to handle yourself, employing a professional is a wise decision. Governments of many countries are providing discounts to those who are installing ceiling insulation so that it becomes even more cheap and affordable. This can also help you to have an eco green environment as such insulations prevent the emission of green house gases from your house. This will also reduce your cost of heating or cooling your house.

    Dropped ceilings that are suspended also add beauty to your room. You can also add different types of lightening to those suspended ceilings to make them look even more attractive and new. If you have leaks from your roof then it is very essential to get it repaired because if ignored, moisture is absorbed by the walls which lets the paint come off, giving the walls an untidy look. You can make the use of acoustic ceilings and they do not make much noise.

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    Choosing the best carpet runners for your staircase

    By cooldude | October 18, 2013

    carpet runnersThe protection of the staircase is the only reason behind putting carpet runners on it. There can be different aesthetic reasons behind it even. A perfect carpet runner can provide you with an outstanding look to your wooden staircase. The design that is made with wood at the middle of the staircase is the only place which becomes worn out easily. The woodwork that took so much of your hard earned money is kept completely safe from wearing out by the carpet runners. Choosing a carpet runner is quite an easy task because a good range of sizes, colors and designs are available in the market.

    It is actually a simple job to choose the best fitting carpet for your staircase because though in the market the retailers sell the carpet in standard sizes, it can be custom ordered according to the size of your staircase. The colors of the carpet should complement the colors of the walls or the furniture, otherwise it may look odd. Some of the rugs and carpets that are sold in the market are durable than the others, and because of this it is advisable for you to go for the quality and not for the looks.

    There are a lot of carpets making companies that provide carpets which last for many years and can withstand a lot of torture on it. Regular vacuuming and cleaning doesn’t make the carpets look dull and you never have to think of going for a change. Synthetic fibers, wool or the mixture of both are best quality for carpets which are easy to clean and get rid of the hard stains. As because a basic knowledge is required for you before going to the market and picking a carpet up, it is preferable for you to use your internet and get an idea of the different ranges of colors and designs as well as the prices.

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    Taking Proper Care of Silk Bedding

    By cooldude | October 4, 2013

    Have you used silk bedding in your home? If yes then you must feel really elated because silk is the most luxurous natural fibre and is highly expensive as well. You must have spent a lot of money and time to get hold of the perfect silk bedding for your bedroom. What if one day the silk bedding gets damaged and deteriorates in quality just because you have not taken proper care of it. Silk is in fact the only fibre that requires a lot of appropriate handling and laundering. This article will highlight some of the ways in which you can take proper care of your silk bedding and sheets.

    Silk as such is durable. But then you need to keep your nails, skin, feet etc clean so that the silk bedding does not get blemished with spots and marks all over which are hard to get rid of. Silk sheets will shrink after the first wash. Therefore do not get worried about the shrinkage because the bedding manufacturers take into account the shrinkage that usually takes place in silk bedding.

    You must never make the mistake of using harsh and highly acidic soaps and detergents on silk bedding and sheets as these are made out of the natural fibre which is highly sensitive to such cleaning supplies and looses its natural properties like durability, shine etc. As long as you utilize mild soaps and detergents, your silk bedding will retain its pristine condition.

    The new silk bedding should be washed by hand. After a few days you can utilize a washing machine to wash the silk bedding and sheets. Use lukewarm water while washing the silk bedding. Bleach should never be used on silk bedding. Keep the silk sheets away from direct sunlight at all times.

    Hope these tips help you to maintain your silk bedding appropriately.

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    Wallpapers- The Perfect Addition To Your Home

    By cooldude | September 8, 2013

    room WallpapersHome décor depends mostly on the personal likes and dislikes of the homeowner. If you are decorating your dream home then obviously you would want it to be attractive and appealing to the guests who visit your home. You must give special attention to the walls of your home because they are an integral part of any household. The entire look of the rooms in your home can be transformed if you utilize the stylish wallpapers that are available so easily in the market today.

    Wallpapers are considered to be the newest and dexterous home décor accessories which have the capability to add atmosphere, color, style, pattern etc to the room in which they are used. You can get hold of wallpapers in prepasted and unpasted forms and wallpapers are composed of a variety of materials. Wallpapers are available for not only residential buildings but also for commercial buildings. Wall art, wall stickers, wall borders can be utilized to compliment the wallpapers used in the rooms.

    Some advantages of wallpapers are: The wallpapers can help cover up dents, cracks, stains and scratches that are present on the walls. You can easily take care of the wallpapers. Majority of them can be washed and scrubbed. High durability is the characteristic that has made wallpapers very popular among the people. Wallpapers today are reasonably priced so that everyone can afford them. Since wallpapers are available in a variety of patterns and colors these add life and vigor to the rooms in which they are used.

    Selection of wallpapers is as important as selection of wall paint, furniture, lighting fixtures etc. You have to select wallpapers that match the room décor and usage of the room. Pick wallpapers that have good color and quality. You can choose patterned wallpapers such as floral wallpapers, brick effect wallpapers, wood effect wallpapers etc.

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    The Perfect Summer Porch

    By cooldude | August 24, 2013

    Summer PorchOn entering a house the first place to meet our house is the porch hence it is imperative that it feels welcoming. Lest a guest repelled by a porch might enter your house with a negative mindset. A porch, hence, does not only defines your guests’ impression on your house but also does a lot to create or destroy the way your house looks. Therefore giving your porch a makeover for the summer is never a bad idea, is it?

    A porch usually overlooks the front lawn or the garden hence it is imperative that it is open and airy; otherwise the purpose of the porch itself is defeated. Secondly how you paint your porch also goes a long way in alleviating your mood. Since we are renovating the porch for the summers, it is sensible to paint it white or a very light shade of a different hue.

    A porch should not be congested with too much unnecessary furniture; otherwise it will look cramped up and will get in your way. It should be furnished with bare minimums. A coffee table with a few chairs, a rug a swing on one side will do wonders to your porch. Hanging potted plants add visual appeal and also adds a touch of green to your porch. It is also wise to invest in a small ceiling fan to keep the sweat at bay. Small decorative items that are not imposing or obstructing, like wind chimes and vases can also be placed in your porch to give it an edge.

    The concept and essential design of the porch should not be too symmetrical or austere, after all it is a place one goes to relax and let his or her down; hence you can place cushions on the rug to provide it with a homely feeling.

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    Planning a facelift for your bathroom?

    By cooldude | June 26, 2013

    bathroom design, bathroom renovationAre you bored of your old bathroom and planning for a brand new refreshing look? Well, there are some easy ways how you can achieve a good makeover for your washroom without much hassle. Here are the tips.

    First of all, you can begin with afresh coat of paint. Yellow would be a nice color for bathroom and so are blue and sage green. If you have a smaller space light colors would be apt to create a spacious feel. Then, you can change your cabinets and replace them with modern stylish options.

    Change your shower curtain. Get a new bath towel and hand towel. If possible and if your bathroom can accommodate enough space you can hang or place an indoor plant there. Money plant is often a popular choice for the bathrooms. Indoor plants get in a refreshing effect. Remember to keep your bathroom well organized and spick and span everyday.

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